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Our History


This building, constructed circa 1912, on the 1913, 1921 and 1928 Sanborn maps was listed as a bank. In 1936, it became the home of The New York Store, as it is presently.

The New York Store, established in 1910 at 215 W. Main Street by Walter Rosenthal, was opened as a dry goods store with merchandise purchased from Joe Isaacs, for whom he had worked. In October 1930, the New York Store went out of business.


When it reopened in March 1931, the new business was an exclusive ladies ready-to-wear shop handling women's wear, millinery and accessories at popular prices. It was operated by Mr. and Mrs. Rosenthal and Mrs. Aline Sisk. In 1936, the People's Bank building at 216 W Main was remodeled to Rosenthal's specifications and opened with a new stock of merchandise.

Business history: 1913 and 1928, People's Bank; 1931, Frog Pond Cafe; 1936 to date, The New York Store. 

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